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The 360pan Suite Of Ambisonics Plug-ins Is Updated To Version 2.

I love using the AMBEO VR Mic for the underlying 3D sound sphere in VR post-production. The sound of the mic is very transparent and detailed and with the AMBEO plug-in, it is easy to make adjustments. I usually add additional close mics, lavaliers and sound design elements like backgrounds, foley and FX to the 3D sound sphere of the scene. For post-production, I work in Pro Tools with a combination of the FB 360 Spatial Workstation and Audio Ease 360pan suite for fast moving objects. Apart from the Harpex B and my usual plug-ins for music production and film sound, I use the AMBEO plug-in for almost every session. It is very easy to rotate the sound field with the AMBEO plug-in and I like the general sound of it.

The 360pan suite of ambisonics plug-ins is updated to version 2.


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