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The Girl On The Train(2016)

The raw, emotional overtone portrayed so powerfully by lead actress Emily Blunt draws you into the world of a girl whose experiences a great deal of loss and tragedy. Her despair appears isolated as she peers out of the train across a desolate, foggy field to houses lining the train tracks.

The Girl on the Train(2016)

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Along with a touch of voyeuristic kink, The Girl on the Train smuggles a potent motif about women wriggling under the expectations men have for them and how it can chip away at their ambitions, their self-esteem, and even their grip on reality. In that, it bears an unmistakable likeness to Gone Girl, which shrewdly rebelled against the "cool girl" acquiescence that forces women to play roles that don't necessarily suit them. But it isn't as purposeful or provocative, because it never challenges our sympathy for Rachel or the extreme measures she's compelled to take.

Rachel (Blunt) is an alcoholic who daily catches a train into New York for a job she lost 12 months ago, and with bloodshot eyes and dark makeup feels shame as she pines for the life lost with her ex-husband Tom (Theroux), who has now married and had a child with his former lover Anna (Ferguson). On her train commutes, Rachel observes a perfect couple; beautiful and in love as they stand on the porch of their grand home they have created together. She fills her mind with fictitious accounts of the life they share, and notices only a happiness that we will never again achieve. That is until she notices the woman with another man, and with anger running through her veins at such a disregard of her circumstance, on the brink of another blackout she happens upon her at a tunnel near the station. Rachel then wakes up in her bed, covered in blood and with memory loss clouding her regret, before the worst is confirmed and the girl from the porch, identified as Megan (Bennett), is missing.

Based of the novel by Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing is a story that expertly combines all the trills and horror of a murder mystery with a beautifulness of a coming-of-age story filled with romance and love for nature. The coming-of-age murder movie is about a little girl who was raised in the southern marshes in the 1950s.

Eden Kutschker is an undergraduate Professional Writing and Editing student at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne. She is a huge fan of anything nerdy, from Star Wars to Harry Potter and has a keen love for all things' thriller. You can usually find Eden curled up in bed with a good book with her loving girlfriend, cute puppy Zeppi and kitty Buttons by her side. 041b061a72

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