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Buy Nba Nike Jerseys

NBA Nike JerseysCheck out the latest and hottest new NBA jerseys available at the official NBA Store. Whether you're looking for your favorite team's jersey or your favorite NBA player's jersey, we are your trusted source for all NBA jerseys. From Swingman jerseys to Icon and Association jerseys, you can find your next basketball jersey in our large inventory.

buy nba nike jerseys

Looking for something old-school? Our NBA Hardwood Classics shop has the latest retro jerseys, including a large selection of Michael Jordan jerseys. If you're looking for a new look this NBA season, check out our large selection of NBA fashion jerseys and sport a new style to wear to your favorite team's next game. Want something new a little different? Check out the latest NBA City Edition jerseys or NBA Earned Edition jerseys for your favorite team.

Embrace the excitement of the NBA season with officially licensed Authentic Jerseys from the shop at Fanatics. Show off your bragging rights with an authentic City Edition Jersey, designed exclusively to honor your team's location. Our Jersey shop offers is stocked with uniforms for all the hottest players so you can support your favorite superstar. Show some solidarity with fellow fans at every home and away game with Nike Jerseys in exclusive designs for this season. Along with our Men's replica jerseys, you can make a young fan's day with an official youth Nike jersey or choose from our collection of ' jerseys to find the perfect fit. Our NBA Jersey Shop offers unique great deals on collections like Jerseys and much more. Find great gifts for every fellow fan at and be sure to stock up on the latest Authentic Jerseys as soon as they're released here in our NBA Jersey Shop.

Fast Break jerseys are made by Fanatics Brand. Swingman jerseys are a tier of jerseys offered by both Nike and Mitchell & Ness. This means there is both a Nike Swingman jersey, and a Mitchell and Ness Swingman jersey.

If you are interested in a throwback Swingman jersey, this is where you can browse through the entire selection of Mitchell & Ness Swingman jerseys at (affiliate links take you to

Fanatics is an online retailer of sportswear and merchandise and currently runs the e-commerce platform for the NBA ( In 2017, Fanatics launched the Fast Break jerseys to give fans another affordable option for NBA jerseys (source).

The NBA has been trending towards a slim, athletic fit for the better part of a decade. Gone are the days of baggy, loose-fitting jerseys. If you prefer a baggy jersey, you will need to size up. Here is how the Fast Break jersey vs Swingman jerseys rank as far as fit:

I normally recommend people to size up the Nike Swingman unless you prefer a slim fit. The Mitchell and Ness Swingman is not as slim as the Nike Swingman, but it is still slim, so size up if you are in between sizes or if you want that baggy fit. The Fast Break jerseys run true to size, and have a more relaxed fit through the stomach than the Swingman jerseys do.

Although the Mitchell & Ness Swingman is slim, as you can see, it is not as slim as the Nike Swingman. It also has a few more inches in length. Here is a look at my Fast Break vs Swingman jerseys side-by-side:

The Fast Break jersey might not have the same overall quality that the Swingman jerseys do, but it is 1) more affordable and 2) still a perfectly nice way to rep your team if you are operating on a budget.

One cool thing about the Fast Break jerseys is they make their graphics flexible so that the jersey itself feels very lightweight against the skin. Here is a look at my jersey and how the graphics are flexible:

The Nike Swingman jerseys do not have all the premium finishes that the Nike Authentic jerseys do, but they still have a lot of quality (including Nike Connect), and are more affordable. Here are some up close looks at my Nike Swingman:

The Mitchell & Ness Swingman jerseys, in my opinion, have the best value out of all NBA jerseys when comparing quality to price. They would be my top recommendation, but they do not offer current player/teams. They only make classic throwback jerseys.

Get your San Antonio Spurs NBA authentic and swingman jerseys here. We offer the full roster in men's, women's, and youth jerseys in official NBA licensed Nike Icon, Association, Statement and City Edition jerseys.

Another great way to spot fake NBA jerseys is through certain patches stitched onto a jersey, like team logos for example. A cotton paperlike backing is used to apply patches to jerseys and fake NBA jerseys often leave these cotton backings on and are visible from the inside of a jersey. Team logos should also match the same height as the NBA logo on the jersey.

NBA logos are almost always incorrect on fake NBA jerseys. Compare NBA logos on jerseys to the official Jerry West NBA logo, an easy way to spot a fake NBA jersey. Fake NBA jerseys often create the logo far too thin and resembles an alien looking creature instead of Jerry West,

You can often tell an NBA jersey is legitimate when the NBA logo is embroidered onto the jersey with different coloured layers of stitching. Fake NBA jerseys lack this detail and usually have a sewn on or heat applied patch.

Check the location and positioning of the jersey jock tag. Jock tags are located at the bottom right of a jersey when facing it front on. Inconsistencies with font size and thicknesses can be one of the easiest ways to spot fake NBA jerseys.

Original jerseys, especially vintage jerseys, are made from heavier premium materials when compared to fake NBA jerseys. New technology is enabling lighter jerseys, but authentics will always have a premium quality in terms of feel over fake NBA jerseys.

But one of the biggest changes in the league has not just one player switching jerseys, but every player, as the NBA ended their partnership with Adidas and made Nike their official outfitter. According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the eight-year deal was worth approximately $1 billion.

The new jerseys came out to much fanfare, with every team releasing a new look with a Nike swoosh (or Jordan Jumpman logo in the cast of the Hornets), and many teams featuring corporate sponsorship for the first time. Nike was also quick to do away with the much-maligned sleeved jerseys that fans and players alike largely disliked.

Heading into the season, Nike was confident in how the new jerseys would perform, saying that they'd wick sweat 3 percent faster than their Adidas counterparts with the help of a combination of recycled polyester and what the brand called "Alpha Yarns."

It is still early, but if problems like this persist, Nike may have to make adjustments to the way they construct their jerseys. At the very least, it's not the type of publicity the brand was hoping for this early into their NBA debut.

When the National Basketball Association's 2017-2018 season tips off on October 17th, it will mark the beginning of a new era for the league. For the first time in more than a decade, all 30 teams are going to wear Nike uniforms on the court. The company is replacing Adidas as the NBA's main apparel sponsor, after its sportswear rival decided not to renew a deal that had been in place since 2006. Now, as part of Nike's plan to create novel experiences for fans through this partnership, it is launching jerseys from every NBA squad with a technology called "NikeConnect."

The jerseys feature authentication tags powered by Near-Field Communication (NFC), which can be paired to an iOS or Android device via a companion NikeConnect app. People who buy these will get access to exclusive content from their favorite team and players, including personalized videos, pictures, GIFs, tickets and game highlights directly from the NBA. Not surprisingly, Nike is also using the tech as an opportunity to sell you stuff, so you'll have the chance to buy limited-edition products, such as sneakers and other gear that's suggested based on whose Connect jersey you're rocking.

Nike says the key with Connect was to not sell the jerseys at a premium, or at least not for more than NBA jerseys tend to cost. They're priced between $110 and $200, with the most expensive being the "Authentic" models, which are made from the same materials as the ones NBA players wear. You'll notice subtle design cues throughout the jerseys, such as a golden tag that pays homage to the number of championships your team has won. The stitched Swoosh logo on the front is also notable, particularly because the league didn't let Adidas display its own in years past.

You can buy the NBA Connected jerseys online right now, while brick-and-mortar retailers will have them on October 12th. If you're in New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles, there's going to be the Nike By You Suite at select stores (Soho in NYC), where you'll be able to customize NBA jerseys using materials like satin and leather. Just don't expect to see LeBron James or Stephen Curry wearing one with NFC tags when they play, as the tech is designed to be only for fans of the sport, not the actual players. Maybe that'll change in the near future.

Since the start of the 2017-18 season all NBA jerseys have been produced by Nike. When Nike became the official league outfitter they disregarded the old Home, Road and Alternate naming conventions. This has now been replaced by Association, Icon and Statement jerseys so what does this mean?

When Adidas were the official league provider they made a tradition of Christmas day jerseys, that were worn by the teams unlucky enough to have to play on Christmas day! Nike have so far resisted producing Christmas day jerseys.

Once you have decided which NBA jersey you want to buy you know need to decide which type of jersey you want. There are three levels to NBA jersey, and can be classified easily as good, better and best. We have listed the jerseys below however, Ady and James also discuss the jerseys on the Basketball Noise Youtube Channel (click to subscribe). You can see their discussion below, its worth the watch: 041b061a72

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