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Radio Killer - Lonely Heart (Official Music Video)

The show focuses on MacIntyre offering relationship and dating advice to her callers. However, since MacIntyre herself has never been in a relationship before (causing her to get mocked by a student of the high school she went to for her romantic thoughts), her advice is usually unhelpful and harmful. This is shown when she recommends a woman abused by her drug-addicted husband to stay with him, as MacIntyre claims "you're only lonely when you're alone", before proceeding to call the woman a "homewrecker" and a "selfish bitch". MacIntyre also attempts to flirt with a man whose wife is in a coma, basking over the story of a woman who sent her lover a gazelle's heart before burning down his business after he called the police, and insulting a woman who is in love with a cannibalistic serial killer.

Radio Killer - Lonely Heart (Official Music Video)



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