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You Have Requested : His.Dark.Materials.S01E06....

This is a scene, in a lot of ways, that is the foundation that holds up who each of these people are in the game, and Mazin and Druckmann knew that deviating from something so essential would be a disservice to those who have been with these characters for 10 years, as well as those who have just recently discovered who they are.

You have requested : His.Dark.Materials.S01E06....


The primary difference between Appsmith and Retool, is that Appsmith is releasedon an open source code base and you can deploy it yourself or you can use theircloud version if you like, whereas Retool is based on a proprietary code base.Although they have a self-hosted version, which is deployed in a container, youcan also sign up to their cloud version and they host everything for you.

Jean: Right. My question about Appsmith was what percentage of their serioususers, by serious I mean they have some scale and have quite a bit of traffic ontheir internal tools, are using a self-hosted version versus the enterprisecloud-hosted version?

Retool seems quite a bit further along than Appsmith. I thought their primitiveconstructs for building these pages was quite a bit cleaner. Their docs were abit more extensive. On the one hand it could just be Retool is further along asa company. They have more people etc.

He asks her what the first steps are and tells her like any other patient. He asks her what the first steps are and tells her it. Shaun stares at the patients being brought in bay 5 as he stands to stare, Nurse Fryday grabs his arm and he pulls back; everyone observes this but he quickly recoves as he tends to a patient who is bleeding out. He calls out all the medical supplies needed Dr. Aaron Glassman comes in asking what Shaun is doing; he says they don't have one so he is making a REBOA, the nurse has no idea what he is talking about as he envisions what he is doing; he tells the EMS workers to release the pressure and the patient stabilizes. Dr. Marcus Andrews stops Dr. Kalu form misdiagnosing a patient, he quickly cuts her throat to relieve the constricting on her neck from the burnt skin. He tells Kalu to get her up to isolation in the burn unit as quickly as possible. Dr. Glassman doesn't have an ultrasound machine, making Melendez worry he might pierce the man's heart, but he proceeds with he needs and laughs as Melendez says the REBOA could have gone really wrong. Glassman reminds him that is didn't and it's a cowboy move Melendez would have never dreamed of even trying; asking him how long will Shaun have to try to prove himself to him.

As Melendez and Browne prepare for surgery, he understands that this was her first trauma but reminds her she needs to think clearly, quickly and methodically and should think a little more like Shaun. Jared is removing the burnt skin from Celez' neck, apologizing for asking her how she is doing. She is crying but says she is maxed out on morphine and he will wait for a little before continuing. She demands a mirror since he won't even look her in the eye as she wants to know how bad it is. She sobs at the image and talks about how she looks like Freddy Kruger and who would marry her looking like this. Dr. Melendez brings Shaun upstairs to see Marco's family, they are told the doctors cannot fix the leg and their only choice is to amputate. His bride breaks down crying as this was their wedding day; Shaun watches their emotional hugs as Melendez observes him. Back in the ER, Shaun runs past everyone trying to use one of the computers, but all the doctors take them before he can get there. Jessica Preston and Melendez are asked about their plans for their wedding by Dr. Lim and they fend off saying they will have to figure it all out. Jessica suggests they can talk about it later when she prefers a beach wedding and he says his family likes churches better. Aaron listens with concern as Shaun rushes off again after Nurse Fryday asks him if he wants love and he says no.

Claire talks to her patient about her neck surgery and how lucky she is to be alive. She extubates her and immediately the patient wants to see her wife. Claire check the list and her name isn't on it, so she promises to check the waiting room and to bring her up. Jessica tells Melendez that Judge Singh is en route as Shaun frets about testifying. Melendez reminds Jessica it is Marco's parent's decision, she objects when he says all parents love their children no matter what. She gets defensive, wondering if he would want his parents to make the decision over her. He says there is no need to be bright red lights when it comes to the rules. Shaun tells her they have 3 hours before Marco's leg will die. Jared returns to Celez, he tells her to pick a movie but she says a funny movie won't change this for her. She mocks him, saying he has all the answers for her. Meanwhile, Marco's parents and fiancee meet with the Judge; they both want him to live but if there is a chance to save his leg, they need to do it. His father says Marco can still be happy but with a prosthetic leg. She finally reveals to his parents that they met at rehab.

Alison's interrogation is cut short when Sarah arrives. She shows Sarah what she has done to Donnie, and Sarah is stunned at the level of Alison's paranoia. Suddenly, Alison's guests for their monthly potluck begin to arrive, further complicating the situation. Alison tries to have the potluck venue changed, but Aynsley insists that she will just help her with the party instead. Frantic, Alison begins drinking as she hosts the party while Sarah dresses up as her to continue grilling Donnie.

Vic says that he and Sarah have unfinished business, Sarah has faked her death to move on to a new scam, and Vic wants in, the money she gave him doesn't balance with his losing his finger. Paul walks in on them, and asks Vic what she's done this time. Vic pulls out a gun, and frisks Paul (who is clearly amused by Vic's amateurish gunplay). Paul reads the situation and improvises: they are in the middle of the deal, they should talk in the garage.

The group makes it to the cafeteria, but are attacked by the infected. Madison has found a hammer again, which could become her weapon of choice. Despite this being the first physical altercation most of them have had with the dead, they are able to fight them off.

Turns out young Joffrey is actually the happy couple's third child. Well, Rhaenyra's third child: They're actually fathered by Ser Harwin Strong. Harwin is the son of the Hand of the King, Lyonel Strong, and was the guy who rescued Rhaenyra in the wedding brawl during episode 5. Rhaenyra and Laenor have apparently struck a bargain: As long as he pretends to be father of her children, Laenor is free to love as he pleases.

Queen Alicent and Viserys now have four children, three boys and one girl. They're distinctly Targaryen, with silver hair, while Rhaenyra's boys have wavy brown locks. We see all six of the boys in the dragon pit learning how to bond with and command dragons.

"I have raised this matter before and you have forbade me to speak of it, so I held my tongue," she tells Viserys. "To have one child like that is a mistake, to have three is an insult to the throne, to you, to House Velaryon and the match you battled so hard to make for her."

In episode 5, all those moons ago, Otto Hightower gave Alicent the 411 on succession: When Rhaenyra takes the throne, Alicent's children will become threats to her reign, so she'll have to put them to the sword.

Viserys is hoping the answer to all this friction is some classic schoolyard tomfoolery. Lords don't have schoolyards, though. They have fighting grounds, and Viserys is watching his grandsons train together.

"Your intimacy with the Princess Rhaenyra is an offense that could mean exile and death for you, for her, for the children," Lord Strong berates his son. "People have eyes, boy. Yet his grace the king, it seems, will not accept what his eyes see. This flimsy shield alone stands between you and the headsman."

"I am a knight, and a warrior, and I have played my part here faithfully, for 10 years," he replies. Laenor says the wise sailor flees the storm as it is gathering, but Rhaenyra commands, as his queen, that he stay by her side.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Daemon has been fathering Velaryon children too. He's wed Laena Velaryon -- we saw him chat her up at the end of episode 5 -- and the pair have two girls together. Laena is pregnant with a third child.

Yet after the meeting, Rhaenyra has a bold, conciliatory proposition. She apologizes for the strife their families have felt of late, and suggests that her son, Jaecerys, and Alicent's daughter, Helena, be wed. That way, their two families can unite and rule the Seven Kingdoms together.

House of the Dragon's creators seem to have a thing for confronting birth scenes. As the episode winds down, we see Laena Targaryen giving birth to her third child with Daemon. But it's not going well, and a doctor gives Daemon the same choice Viserys got in episode 1: You can save the baby, but you'll have to sacrifice the mother.

Jack prepares to cover the beehive with a piece of luggage, but when one of the bees stings Charlie, his movement splits the hive and the group runs away as bees scatter. Jack and Kate get to the caves, stripping off their clothes, but Kate suddenly jumps as she spots a skeleton on a ledge. Jack finds another set of remains and assesses them; the bodies have been there a long time, approximately half a century according to Jack. On one of the skeletons, he finds black and white stones. Charlie and Locke arrive. Locke wonders who the two men might have been and Jack responds that one of the two corpses is that of a female and the other that of a male, leading John to dub them "our very own Adam and Eve."

Feeling that Gun Gale Online was entirely detached from their reality, the girls began playing the game, hoping that a shared goal and a change of scenery would help them overcome their differences. The girls soon became engrossed in the game and, through their many near-death experiences there, learnt to work together. Upon finishing her story, Saki proclaimed that their club would do their best to prepare for a possible second Squad Jam, and asked if Karen would also be participating. Karen, however, showed no desire to take part in a possible second tournament, disappointing the girls who had hoped to have another showdown with her. 041b061a72

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